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Jams are open-ended meetups. We warm-up, give each other tips, explore our environment, and hang out. 

Featured Jams

Beginner's Class

Second Saturday of the month, 12pm

See the jam calendar above for where and when our monthly free beginner's class will be.

Women's Jam

Monthly - see calendar

The focus of Women's Jams is to create a welcoming environment for women and non-binary folks. All are welcome!

Nature Jam

Summer 2020

Our annual SFPK camping trip! Two days of relaxing and nature parkour at a beautiful swimming hole.


SFPK leads free, outdoor classes on the second Saturday of every month. Each class begins with a thorough warm-up followed by instruction on basic parkour movements, like jumping and landing, vaults, and rolls.



Q: What is parkour?

A: Parkour is the practice of learning to efficiently navigate and creatively interact with obstacles.

Q: Am I too young/old/out of shape for parkour?

A: No! Every body can practice moving. We'll help you start, no matter what your movement ability is now.

Q: I'm coming from out of town. Where should I post?

A: Post on our Facebook page, or join a jam on the Calendar.

Q: What clothes do I need?

A: A pair of light sneakers, pants and shirt you can move in. We recommend wearing long pants your first time to avoid scrapes.




If you're looking for something you can't find on the site, drop us a line!

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