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Every July the SFPK community goes on a camping trip in the Stanislaus National Forest and spends the weekend jumping and climbing on rocks, swimming, cliff diving, and relaxing. You're invited!

Additional Info

If you are camping:

  • We will be a difficult 2 miles hike from the nearest vehicles, there is no cell phone reception, there is no bathroom, there is no clean water, there are no fire pits (ok, just 1), it will be very hot during the day.

  • Please be safe. If you have never camped in a National Forest, please do some research and read up on what is expected of you. You are responsible for your own preparedness and safety.

Getting there:

  • If it's your first time, the easiest thing to do is check in on Facebook and try to find a carpool.

  • If you use Google maps this address will take you exactly to the main parking spot. When you're on Hwy 4 in Stanislaus Forest keep your eyes open for a green road sign that says "Hunter Dam Rd," that's our access road. The access road can be rough and is approx 2 miles long, stay on the main road. Park at the middle parking spot or drive another mile to the end of the road and park (longer hike, more parkour). Hike down hill on either path until you get to the river, then hike down stream until you reach paradise. The swim hole is 100+ ft long, 50+ ft wide, 30+ feet deep and has water falls on both sides. There is nothing else like it on the river, you can't miss it. Total hike is about 1.5 miles from the closer parking lot, or 3 miles if you park at the end of the road, both trails have fairly steep descents/ascents and lots of switch backs.

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