The focus of Women's Jams is to create a welcoming environment for women and non-binary folks, but all are welcome, regardless of gender, skill level, age, etc. The Women's Jam emphasizes collaboration and has been a great opportunity to solidify the Bay Area women's parkour community.

If beginners show up, we will have a beginners class in the beginning. This class welcomes beginners who want to learn new movements as well as experienced traceuces who want to refine their technique.

The training session after the beginners class is a space where traceuces can collaborate with each other as well as the new beginners.

The Women's Jam is an awesome time to connect with other women in the SF Bay Area, whether it is an introductory session or a femme reunion. Please come out, enjoy the outdoors, and play with movement!

If you have room to carpool and are willing to help people get to this event please post your availability on the event page for the next Women's Jam on Facebook. the more the merrier!